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PeopleSoft FSCM Online Training Concepts:

1.Navigating Overview


  • PeopleSoft Database Organization
  • Signing In to a PeopleSoft Application
  • Recognizing Universal Navigation Elements
  • Personalizing Your Home Page
  • Using Personal Preferences
  • Auto-Collapsing the Menu Pagelet


2.Navigating To and Within Pages


  • Using the Navigation Pagelets
  • Navigating Between Pages in a Component
  • Navigating Between Fields


3.Using Keys and Search Pages


  • Understanding Keys
  • Using Search Pages
  • Using Operators
  • Using Wildcards
  • Using the Find Feature


4.Working with Pages


  • Recognizing Page Controls
  • Using PeopleSoft Grids


5.Adding and Updating Data


  • Adding a New High-Level Key
  • Recognizing Action Types
  • Categories of Effective-Dated Rows
  • Using Update/Display
  • Using Include History
  • Using Correct History


6.Using PeopleSoft Workflow


  • Understanding Workflow
  • Sending and Receiving Notifications
  • Using Worklists



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