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CCNP Online Training

Network/System Admin Online Training » CCNP Online Training


Course Content:


Chapter 1 :


  • 1.Overview of Scalable Internetworks
  • 2.Introduction to Managing Traffic and Access
  • 3.Managing IP Traffic
  • 4.Configuring Queuing to Manage Traffic
  • 5.Routing Protocols Overview
  • 6.Extending IP Addresses Using VLSMs
  • 7.Configuring OSPF in a Single Area
  • 8.Interconnecting Multiple OSPF Areas
  • 9.Configuring Enhanced IGRP
  • 10.Optimizing Routing Update Operation
  • 11.Configuring BGP
  • 12.Quality of Service


Chapter 2 :


  • 1.Selecting Cisco Products for Remote Connections
  • 2.Assembling and Cabling the WAN Components
  • 3.Configuring Asynchronous Connections with Modems
  • 4.Accessing the Central Site with Windows 95
  • 5.Configuring PPP and Controlling Network Access with PAP or CHAP
  • 6.Using ISDN and DDR to Enhance Remote Connectivity
  • 7.Optimizing Use of DDR Interfaces
  • 8.Configuring a Cisco 700 Series Router
  • 9.Establishing a Dedicated Frame Relay Connection and Controlling Traffic
  • 10.Flow with Traffic Shaping
  • 11.Enabling a Backup to the Permanent Connection
  • 12.Optimizing Traffic on Dedicated WAN Connections
  • 13.Scaling IP Addresses with PAT and NAT
  • 14.Troubleshooting the Remote Access Network


Chapter 3 :


  • 1.Introduction to Switching Concepts
  • 2.Virtual LANs
  • 3.Placing Catalyst┬« Switches in your Network
  • 4.Catalyst Switch Overview
  • 5.Catalyst Switch Architecture
  • 6.Catalyst Switch Hardware
  • 7.Configuring the Supervisor Module and Fast Ethernet
  • 8.Catalyst Switch Software
  • 9.Managing the Catalyst Switch
  • 10.Troubleshooting the Catalyst Switch
  • 11.Catalyst 2900 Series Features
  • 12.Configuring Catalyst 2900 Series Switches


Chapter 4 :


  • 1.Support Resources for Troubleshooting
  • 2.Using Troubleshooting Methods
  • 3.Identifying Troubleshooting Targets
  • 4.Applying Cisco Troubleshooting Tools
  • 5.Workgroup Discovery Lab and CCO
  • 6.Using a Troubleshooting Method
  • 7.Documenting Symptoms, Actions and Results
  • 8.Tracking Log-ins and Connections
  • 9.Using Cisco Show and Debug Commands
  • 10.Diagnosing and Correcting Campus TCP/IP Problems
  • 11.Diagnosing and Correcting Catalyst Problems
  • 12.Troubleshooting VLANs on Routers and Switches
  • 13.Diagnosing and Correcting Frame Relay Problems
  • 14.Diagnosing and Correcting ISDN BRI Problems studies



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